The Collision Industry

Collision Industry Learning Hub

The collision industry has grown incredibly complex with the advancement of technology and repair requirements. Luckily franchised dealers are in a great
position to boost their parts business and offer the best products in the market
today: OE parts.
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The Collision Industry
Most dealers have at least a few shops that they regularly transact with, despite being close to a large wholesaler.
Your goal should be to connect with your customers and ensure that you are top of mind when it comes to submitting their estimates.
Likely a lot. Some focus on a five to ten mile radius; others will look much further.
Well, it depends!
Of course we want to say yes, but it all depends on your goals.
Your dealership will automatically be added to their Supplier List for them to regularly order from you with ease.
We know how busy it can get in a parts department! is free to all collision shops and only a quick installation is required.
We can’t speak for others, but CollisionLink helps automate part of the reimbursement process for you.
​These are any parts that are written as non-OE (i.e. specified as aftermarket) that shops have selected typically based on price.