Sell your OE parts online with the robust ecommerce solution from OEC, ConsumerLink Pro.

Solution Overview

Take Your Parts Department To The Next Level

Built into OEC, the industry leader in helping dealerships sell more parts, ConsumerLink Pro® is a comprehensive, turnkey solution that enables your dealership to sell OE parts to online shoppers. Get a powerful, mobile-friendly website that is simple for your customers to navigate. Our in-house marketing experts will handle your online marketing strategy so driving traffic to your online storefront will not be a concern. Price confidently knowing that we get our information directly from OEMs, a feature our competition cannot match.

The ConsumerLink Pro Advantage

Marketing Services

  • To sell parts online, customers need to find your website, which is exactly what our Marketing Services team does.
  • Our in-house team handles all of your online promotion. We put all Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google AdWords, and Keyword plans into place.

High Performing / Mobile Friendly Website

  • Having a modern website is imperative to capture today’s consumer. ConsumerLink Pro® provides you with a high-performing, intuitive website that is easy for your customers to find the OE parts they are looking for.
  • More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to search for parts online. Having a mobile-friendly website is incredibly important to capture as many customers as possible.

Data Directly from OEM

  • In order to price effectively, and keep your targeted margins, it is critical to know the exact cost of your parts. We get cost information directly from OEMs allowing you to price parts accurately and achieve your margin goals.
  • With this accuracy, you will have the confidence and flexibility for aggressive pricing strategies that will better compete against the aftermarket.

Efficient Setup, Integration, and Reporting

  • We know how busy dealerships are so we made the setup of ConsumerLink Pro as seamless as possible. You will be ready to process part orders from the familiar OEC interface.
  • You will have access to dashboards and reports to easily monitor key performance indicators like sales, gross margin, ROI from your SEM spend, and site visits.

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