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ConsumerLink Testimonials

Dealer Testimonials

“Customers tell me all the time that our site is easy to navigate. We never have an issue finding parts – the site is streamlined and easy to use. When customers call in with part numbers, we’re able to navigate and find what they need quickly.”
Chris G., Parts Manager
Lakeland Ford

“I really like the marketing services – we’re getting a lot of visibility. We’re receiving more phone calls now, which shows people are finding us from web searches. We know now that our customers are going online to shop anyway, so why not make it easier for them and gain their business?”
Jack D., Parts Manager
Ganley Chevrolet of Aurora

“We have been able to pick up new customers that we might not have received before and it’s enabled us to get our foot in the door. You know there’s lots of fleets in town that are not based within our area but have representatives here so it’s made it convenient for us to cultivate that business and knowing that the worries of collecting a payment from someone out of state pretty much goes away with ConsumerLink.”
Scott G., Parts Manager
Mall of Georgia Ford

“We didn’t really have a big online presence but now we are out there. It`s a well maintained site, easy to operate, and good for our customers. Everything we have read from our customer reviews has been great. It`s nice because it`s all in one place and it`s simple so that you can look at the one page and see all of the orders coming in.”
Bill C., Parts Manager
Valley Ford Truck

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