Increase Sales of High-Margin Backordered Parts.

D2D Express

Backordered parts can create a domino effect of problems, including low customer satisfaction ratings, potential rental car expenses, and in the case of commercial vehicles, lost revenue. With D2D Express®, backordered parts sourcing and fulfillment becomes an automated process that can deliver needed parts within 24 hours.

Create instant sales opportunities:

More importantly, D2D Express locates the needed parts within dealership/branch location inventories, creating instant sales opportunities, often beyond your traditional market. Using D2DLink® to integrate inventories into a single virtual warehouse, D2D Express technology automatically:

  • Identifies stocking locations electronically, offering you the ability to sell the part
  • Awards the order to the first supplier who responds, earning incremental sales
  • Integrates fast, free next-day shipping by the seller (based on OEM availability)

Create sales reach:

D2D Express orders deliver incremental, profitable orders extending your sales reach outside of your traditional market, to the entire nationwide OEM supply chain.

Reduce idle and increase inventory turn:

Even better, more than 25% of these orders often contain backordered parts sitting idle. So, D2D Express not only increases sales opportunities, it also increases inventory turns.
D2D Express is a complementary service offered by select OEMs.

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