Turn Everyday Data into
Increased Parts Sales


Let Data Illustrate your Story

In today’s competitive market, you’ll need to go beyond simply monitoring your dealership’s parts sales performance.

Improve sales by understanding your business

Transform your everyday data into actionable insights to increase your parts sales.

"If you take the information from LinkIQ and actually utilize the tools available, you can conquer more customers and it works in your benefit. I have a lot of programs and third party applications, and LinkIQ is one of my favorites."
Bill A., Parts Manager, Stingray Chevrolet

Why do you need LinkIQ?

Access data using tools you’re already accustomed to

  • Quickly view your entire department’s performance with interactive, visual dashboards
  • Drill down to understand your business dynamics at a holistic or customer-specific level
  • Easy-to-use wizard generates performance reports for all of your OEC solutions and DMS sales invoices
  • Quickly create and save reports with only the information you need

Let data illustrate your story

  • All of your OEC and DMS part sales indicators available within one platform
  • Proactively monitor and share key financial indicators like sales, margins, and returns
  • Quick access to your holistic department and customer-level performance trends
  • Easily view fluctuations in your customers' behavior to address it

Turning insights into action

  • Take action with your performance trends by applying our robust Part Sales Playbook
  • Improve efficiency by viewing and engaging customers not leveraging OEC solutions
  • Adjust pricing strategies by quickly viewing holistic and customer-level margins
  • Leverage discounts by easily tracking OEM program reimbursements
Are your shops ordering every part from you? If not, there’s your answer.
Your data can tell a powerful story; BI pulls that data together to provide accurate insight and replace guesstimates.
Here are some common questions we get about bringing in a Performance Coach.
DMS Integration means linking your DMS to the online parts selling solution you use to sell parts.
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