The Easiest Way to Sell OE Parts on eBay

Gain access to millions of new customers by featuring your part listings on eBay. A part is sold every second on eBay. MarketplaceDirect gets your OE parts listed and visible to buying customers.

Save Hours of Time with Integration

No adding parts one at a time. Manage lists to make changes globally.

Increase Your Online Presence

Selling parts online can be a time-consuming process that requires entering product features, diagrams and compatible vehicles. We make the online selling process easy by using information and diagrams from the automaker. You just need to choose the parts you wish to sell and enter a pricing formula, and MarketplaceDirect® will do the rest!

  • Ability to create listings and manage the sales process in OEC
  • Flexible and easy-to-use part pricing options
  • Seamless and timely order status and shipping information provided to your customers

It doesn’t get any easier

  1. Get set up with the assistance of our award-winning Customer Success team.
  2. Upload a list of the parts you want to sell at the prices you set.
  3. Start selling!

Experience huge time savings from trying to list parts on eBay by yourself. MarketplaceDirect is here to help you list parts on eBay Motors easily and efficiently.

"It is most definitely easier to sell parts with MarketplaceDirect. We were doing some selling on eBay on our own. You had to list each piece by itself. It gets my product out there. Having the opportunity to do multiple lists is a good thing. If I want to list idle separate and sell it for less, I can."
Pat Jackson, Parts Manager, All Star Automotive
Retail ecommerce is a newer area for dealers and, as we all know, change can be hard.
Create a huge revenue stream for your dealership and open up your parts department to a completely new set of customers.
You can fish with bait or cast a large net. Here is why we recommend fishing with bait.
Customers need to be able to find your site, and without SEM and SEO they won’t know your site exists.
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