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PartsBrokerDirect® is the simple, hassle-free way for dealers with idle OE parts inventory to connect with dealers eager to purchase those parts.

We are a broker-based service with a personal broker assigned to you to assist you in moving inventory according to your needs. Your broker works with you every step of the way, from setting your customizable rules to helping you complete offers, so you can focus on your business.

Your offers are unique to your parts department’s needs and exclusive matches are made. These unique matches make our offers easy to work and help you maintain a fluid inventory.

Technology. Our system is designed to access the freshest inventory to make the best matches every day. We save our customers from the need to make countless phone calls to move inventory, helping you expand your business network exponentially.

Rules. Customizable rules allow you to work around OE parts inventory that you want to move. Your personal broker works with the rules on both sides to ensure your offers meet your needs, regardless if you are buying or selling.

Relationships. PartsBrokerDirect is designed to complement OEM inventory programs, helping to keep our customers compliant to the OEMs and build longterm relationships. We are here for the duration to help you keep your inventory clean and the right part mix on the shelves.

Logistics. Not only do we make the connection on your inventory needs, we also work with our shipping partners to offer you deeply discounted rates. Your broker can provide you with a quote as requested to ensure you are saving as much as possible.

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